After an 11 day stay, Felix’s mom and dad came home. It was time for Felix to leave. I have boarded Felix quite a few times and he acclimates really well now because he knows that my home is his vacation home 😊 Of course he is spoiled and actually waits for me to pour bottled water in his bowl before he will drink and then waits for me to stir his food before he will eat. He also loves to listen to a YOU TUBE cat channel where sounds of birds chirping and water gurgling soothes him to sleep. Felix is “special needs”. He has kidney failure and needs to be infused daily and he’s just so chill about it! He has a “state of the art infusion center” aka my kitchen sink with a fluffy blanket for him to lay on. Felix the cat—a wonderful wonderful cat !!!! looking forward to your next visit!

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Bowie spent a couple of days with me… It was her first visit but settled in pretty quickly. She claimed her space on the couch because she soon realized “my home was her home” Okay–YES! I tend to spoil my guests, but look at that face!!!! She is a sweetheart and I am looking forward to sitting for her in September.




His mom and dad got married this past weekend!! Although Preston wasn’t able to attend the ceremony, he still wanted to dress for the occasion!! Preston spent the time with me instead. He is a boy that loves to be petted and held…just loves to be loved and he got plenty of that!




Sweet Sadie….She left today after a week stay. It took her less than an hour to feel safe and secure in her temporary surroundings while her family was on vacation. She was one of the most loving, friendly and obedient dogs I have had the pleasure to have in my home. She became my little shadow and was quite a little celebrity with the neighbors because of her happy nature.




Jewel was a precious little gem to care for.  Jewel wanted some companionship from 9-5 while her “mom and dad” were away.  We kept each other company…playing on the deck, taking walks and of course treat breaks. Jewel had her very own staycation where she felt safe and secure



Mia Mia was an overnight guest.  Boxers by nature are upbeat and playful and very loyal to their families, so when her “dad” dropped her off, she was a little reserved, but soon after she was comfortable, eagerly went for walks(although she  would have preferred a nicer day instead of all that rain!!) and played with her toys. Eventually, she was no stranger to the couch and at bedtime she slept like a baby on our bed.                              


Although they were a little slower because of an amputated leg, torn ACL, arthritis or had some vision or hearing  loss my senior guests adapted well to their surroundings. To accommodate, we took walks instead of jogs. stairs were an issue, they were carried. They all slept where they felt most comfortable…(in or near my bed 🙂 ) I felt it eased any anxiety they might have had being away from their own environment.Just like humans of course, many factors influence a pet’s health.  Happy, Charm,Bailey and Gigi have been given excellent health care and love from their owners …. they are all valued members of their respective families. “Parents” who have all learned and passed on to me how to best manage each of their needs.

At any age , animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive , funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children”         ❤                                                                                                                                     



Maine Coons are considered the “dogs of the cat world” as they are playful and highly social just like dogs. Milo was no exception. I took care of Milo while his family was on vacation. I visited twice a day to care for and play with him. Milo quickly got used to my visits and came to greet me as soon as I entered the home. Milo was actually silly at times ..darting from room to room and following me wherever I went.He was naturally curious, affectionate and very playful.  Cats have an aura of independence that fools people into thinking that they only need minimal  care and  attention. 

Milo’s family and other responsible cat owners know that the truth is that cats require responsible care to thrive

                       “Time spent with cats is never wasted” Sigmund Freud                                               


Cleo recently spent 6 days with us. From the very start, she was a joy and a pleasure to care for. At 14 years old, Cleo still had a lot of puppy in her.  She easily adapted to her surroundings, was very playful and so good natured.

Cleo was the perfect example showing that dogs age at their own rate and in their own way. There is one thing age cannot affect and that’s the bond that’s already been forged with your dog. With a puppy, you are still building a bond. With an older dog, history has been created; all you have to do is celebrate it, revel in it and let LOVE be your guide.